• Company Profile

    Shinestate International Ltd., a wholly owned Hong Kong company, a subsidiary of Yaobang Plastic Hardware (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. and Bai Hao Technology (Shenzhen) Company Ltd. Yaobang Plastic Hardware (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd., established in 1998 is an experienced manufacturer which covers 10,000 square feet of area producing an environmentally friendly PVC Compound in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.
  • Products Items

    Our product included: Non-Phthalate PVC Compound, medical grade pvc compound, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) and pvc mortar.
  • Ensuring Quality

  • Staff Team

    We have a group of an excellent well train technical team with an efficiently and strictly management system behind us. Our state-of-the-art equipment will ensure us to produce consistent and outstanding quality products.
Item No.: TPE for Toys
TPE Toy Series Hardness (Shore A) 00A-100A Hou..

Item No.: TPE for Electrical Wires
TPE Electrical Wire Series - Non-flame retardant ..

Item No.: TPE for Car Accessories
TPE Car Accessories Series Hardness (Shore A) 50A..

Item No.: TPE for Food and Household Items (LFGB)
TPE for Food and Household Items (LFGB) Hardness ..